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Retrofitting or rebuilding a machine tool could be, in most of the cases, a very cost effective investment. It would give a new life to an older machine for which the maintenance is starting to be an issue.

  • Extended machine life
  • Increased return on the initial machine investment
  • Limited cost compared with a new machine purchase
  • Increased reliability
  • Increased productivity
  • Latest and best technology
  • State of the art programming environment including conversational systems

Retrofit or Rebuild

An aging, unreliable, or feature-limited CNC can be the cause of the high costs associated with maintenance and downtime of your machine. Retrofitting a new state-of-the-art control to one of your existing mechanically sound - high value - machines will extend its life and enhanced its productivity. Or perhaps a complete or partial mechanical rebuild and an updated CNC is required to maximize the return on investment. In either case, there is a FANUC CNC that is just right for the application, one that is capable of delivering the productivity and quality needed for today’s challenging business environment.


  • State-of-the-art-technology – increase the mean-time-between-failure and improve the availability of spare parts with a brand new control.
  • Easy to Connect – An Ethernet-ready control will allow you to connect your machine tool to manufacturing and business networks.
  • Easy to Setup –Fast automated setups with probing capabilities for tool geometry offsets, tool wear offsets, work piece offsets and 3D coordinate rotation offsets for more complex parts
  • Easy to Use – Programming and operation from a single Windows-like screen using Manual Guide i
  • Easy to Program – Intuitive Manual Guide i graphical conversational programming makes it easy to input, verify, and execute a program.
  • Easy to Expand – Optional add-on features allow you to enhance your solution and add more productivity capabilities to the control.
  • Easy to Maintain – FANUC retrofit CNCs come with a two-year warranty. Extended Service Contracts and 24-hour technical support are also available.
  • Easy to Train – Training courses are available, at your business location or ours, to ensure that operators, programmers, and maintenance staff get the most out of the new FANUC CNC system.

Before Retrofit:

Retrofit before

After Retrofit:

Retrofit after mod

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