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Program Transfer Tool

Program Transfer Tool, is a PC-based productivity software tool for input and output of part programs and operator files between PC and CNC or a data server.

The tool provides a simplified graphical interface for “drag and drop” of files between a PC and CNC control. Large part program files can be input/output direct to data server storage. It enables users to take advantage of Embedded Ethernet for program transfer without having to set up their own PC based FTP application.

The Program Transfer Tool provides for communications to be defined between a PC and up to 255 FANUC CNC controls. A built-in Setting Dialog application is included, to aid in setup and initial communication testing. Each machine setting allows the PC folder to be automatically opened for use when communication is started. This relieves the user from hunting for the proper PC storage location, and helps to ensure that proper part program files are used. In addition to part programs, transfer of tool offset and macro variable tables are also supported.

This tool provides a simple and cost effective way for CNC programmers to transfer files seamlessly between CNC and PC. “The program transfer tool offers a fast and easily solution to performing CNC program housekeeping and data backups.

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