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CNC Hardware Extensions

  CNC System Hardware

Several extension and upgrade possibilities are available for your FANUC CNC systems. Most popular hardware options are communication boards, for instance high-speed Ethernet and Data Server. Check the upgrade possibilities with your FANUC Service Specialist. In order to make sure that we can provide you with a quick answer, always have the CNC datasheet ready when calling us for an upgrade.


Encoder Check Circuit

Even if a FANUC CNC system runs for a long time without problems, it may be that sometimes you face encoder alarms. If you have your own maintenance team, we recommend a simple tool which helps to detect if the problem comes from the encoder itself, the cabling or the amplifier. This device connects to both servo motors encoder lines or to spindle encoders.

  Key features
  • Reduces the machine stop time with quick identification of the hardware problem when having an encoder alarm
  • Interface for both servo motor axes encoders and for spindle sensors
  • No loss of machine origins after the control (if problems comes from amplifier or from the encoder cable)
  • Supported encoders: Alpha i and Beta i encoders of their respective servo motors, Alpha i separate position coder, Alpha iBZ, Alpha iCZ, Alpha iM and Alpha iMZ spindle sensors.
Position Data Backup Adapter

This backup adaptor is used for keeping the position data of Alpha I /  Beta i Encoders when performing the maintenance of the feedback cable or the servo amplifier.

Without the adapter, the position data is kept for about ten minutes with a backup capacitor within the Encoder, even if the feedback cable is removed and the power is not supplied. But, when the power is not supplied for a long time during the maintenance operation (replacement of the feedback cable or the servo amplifier), the Encoder looses its data and reference point return is necessary after the maintenance.

With the adapter, it is possible to keep the data of the Encoder without time limitation by using this backup adaptor with the lithium battery which is used in the servo amplifier. As a result, reference point return is not required after the maintenance for a long time

  CNC Accessories and spare parts

Accessories such as data cards as well as original spare parts such as batteries, fuses, fans,  protection sheets, cables, etc. can be ordered directly from our Parts Online shop. In case of doubt, contact your FANUC Service Specialist.

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